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We believe all candles should be Burn Happy candles. For us this means providing all natural soy candles that perform, are affordable, and most importantly, safe to have around your family and furry friends. We're dedicated to finding fresh, fun fragrances that can be enjoyed all year round.

From retail product to custom orders, special events, and business partnerships, we're you're one stop candle shop.

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Why Our Customers Love Lumos

Clean Burning, Non-Toxic

We use 100% soy wax, pure cotton wicks, organically sourced fragrance oil, and even recycled jars & packaging.

Clean burning candles are candles made from all-natural ingredients. We just don't believe people should have to sacrifice even one modicum of health to enjoy a candle.

Affordably Priced, Accessible By All

Hand-made and all-natural doesn't have to mean cost-prohibitive.

From all-natural soy wax, organic fragrance blends and recycled packaging, all of our supplies are sourced locally from the Midwest keeping costs affordable and competitive with big retailers.

Locally Sourced Materials

Our partners are locally owned, small businesses in the Midwest.

Our suppliers work with us to keep our prices low so we can continue to provide affordable, clean burning, non-toxic candles all across the U.S.