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We believe all candles should be Burn Happy candles. For us this means providing all natural soy candles that perform, are affordable, and most importantly, safe to have around your family and furry friends. We're dedicated to finding fresh, fun fragrances that can be enjoyed all year round.

From retail product to custom orders, special events, and business partnerships, we're you're one stop candle shop.

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Why Our Customers Love Lumos


Our candles are made with 100% vegetable soy and all natural fragrances for a more even, long-lasting fragrance burn.

That means you get great smelling fragrances without the overpowering headache you can get from other candles.


Our products are all hand-made and freshly hand-poured to order.

This means that when you receive your order the item you receive hasn't been sitting on a shelf deteriorating. You get at least 36 hours of perfectly scented burn time right out of the box.


Our candles and melts are made from 100% non-toxic formula and ingredients.

This means our products are safe for use around pets, kids, or the kid at heart AND it won't leave the black soot on your walls common with store-bought brands (gross).