Why Burn Happy with Lumos Candle Co.?

Why Burn Happy with Lumos Candle Co.?

Karen DanielsonMay 01, 2023

Welcome to Lumos Candle Co. where we believe in Burning Happy. For us, this means providing all-natural, non-toxic candles & melts that are affordable, perform, & most importantly, safe to use around your family, kids, & furry friends.


Most mass produced candles utilize a paraffin or soy-paraffin blend. Paraffin is derived from petroleum oil. While it has great fragrance throw, it can also cause fragrances to become overwhelming and releases petroleum by-product into the air. These airborne molecules have to eventually land on something - which ends up being the surfaces of your home and can be absorbed through skin, the footpads of furry critters or even ingested by accident. While a small dose isn't life threatening, we just don't believe people should have to sacrifice even one modicum of their health to enjoy a candle.

Clean burning candles are candles that are made from all-natural ingredients without any additives during the manufacturing process. We use 100% soy wax, pure cotton wicks, organically sourced fragrance oil, and even recycled jars and packaging materials so you can burn happy and breathe easy. Learn more bout what makes soy different than parrafin waxes with our blog - Soy What? Facts About 100% Vegetable Soy Wax.


Our products deliver a clean, even burn with no tunneling and consistent scent throw without being too overpowering. Many of our customers use our candles because of their even fragrance release, excellent cold throw and even better hot throw. 


So many clean burning candles are priced 3x higher than the mass produced candles you find in name brand stores. There's a reason for this. The cost of materials for clean burning candles is much higher - just like at a grocery store, processed foods are less expensive than fresh produce due to the ingredients, manufacturing process (our soy candles are hand-made) and shelf life, among a variety of other factors. Candles are the same way.

But we believe part of Burning Happy means clean burning candles that are accessible to anyone. Our candles are all natural, clean burning candles that hold a price point competitive with our mass produced competitors.


To keep our prices affordable, we've worked our tails off to find all-natural suppliers that share our Burn Happy vision. Together we work as a team to bring affordable, clean burning candles to families. These partners are locally owned, small businesses in the Midwest that are the key to keeping our supply chain and manufacturing costs low so we can pass the savings onto our customers. 


Just one of these reasons is pretty awesome, but combine all 5 of these reasons - craftsmanship, affordable, locally-sourced, clean burning candles that just plain smell good and that's what Burning Happy is all about.