What Do I Do With My Wax Melts?

What Do I Do With My Wax Melts?

Karen DanielsonNovember 10, 2022

If you're not familiar with wax melts, we've all had the same questions at some point. When you burn candles the wax completely evaporates and takes the guess work out of it; but when you burn wax melts that's not the case. So how do you know when a wax melt has reached its final moments and needs to be replaced? What do you do with the wax melt once it's used? We've got you. Here's the long and short of it. 

Why does candle wax burn away, but wax melts don't?

Great question! In candles the wick is used as a heat source. To keep the heat source going it requires fuel. For a candle, the wax serves as the fuel to keep the heat source going. So as the wick burns down, it melts and consumes the wax which releases the fragrance. 
In a melt, there is no direct heat source and no wick that requires fuel. The heat melts the wax releasing the fragrance, but with no direct heat source the wax does not get consumed like it does in a candle.

How long do wax melts typically last?

Our soy wax melts last about 8 hours per cube. If you burn one cube at a time, our 6-pack wax melts will last you approx. 48 hours. The more cubes you add, the stronger the fragrance. We usually add about 3 cubes for a larger room, 2 cubes for a medium sized room (like a bedroom), or one cube for a small room (like a bathroom). Also just one note - if you place multiple cubes in the melter, the burn time will be the same as a single cube, the strength of the fragrance throw will just change. 
While most of our cubes last about 8 hours, this rate varies based on some variables you control that will change how fast the wax melt is used. This includes the type of heat source applied in your melter (light bulb vs. flame) and how hot the light source gets/is set. The hotter the light source the faster the melt will be consumed. On average, we recommend either a light bulb melter set to on (if given off/on as options) or set to medium heat (if given multiple heat setting options). If using a flame, a tealight will suffice; though these only last for about 4 hours.

How do I know when my wax melt is done?

Some people may sit and time their wax on a countdown clock. Others simply use their nose. As the wax melt in the container is used the scent is released. There's only so much scent in a wax melt. Once it's all released the melt will stop emitting a fragrance. Once it's gone. Turn off your wax melt to allow the wax to harden, then simply remove the used wax melt and replace with a fresh scent from anyone of our awesome collections

What do I do with the used wax melt?

Most people compost (soy wax is 100% natural and fully decomposable) or simply throw the used wax away. Both great options. However, for the DIYer, we have a few additional options as well...

  • Use as a garbage scent booster
    • Find an old sock, or fabric bag and pop your wax melt(s) in there. Seal the bag and secure to the inside of your garbage can for an eau-de-garbage scent more pleasing than the original fragrance. 
  • Create a firestarter kit for outdoor or indoor fire places
    • You can create firestarters with egg cartons, dryer lint and old wax by following Jill Cataldo's instructions or from pine cones with the Tough Nickel's help.
  • Unstick the sticky
    • Old wax can be applied to surfaces that don't glide as easily as they once did - like drawers or zippers. Rub the wax along the surface of the trak and then glide the drawer or zipper across the trak a few times to distribute the wax. 
  • Create a slick shovel or sledding surface for snow
    • We live in MN so you know, snow. Old wax can be used on the surface of your shovel - or better yet your sled (if you've seen the Christmas vacation movie it's like that, but less terrifying). The wax prevents snow from sticking to the surface.
  • Use for easy beading
    • For you crafters and jewelry makers out there use a bit of old wax rubbed along a strong and you'll be able to glide your beads onto the string with ease.
  • Sign your letters with a wax seal
    • Buy a custom or standard wax seal from a local craft store to put a personalized touch on your letters. Drip some hot wax onto your folded paper and use your wax seal to press it down for some old school charm.
  • Stop shoelaces from fraying
    • Dip the ends of fraying shoelaces into hot wax and let cool. This will stop ends from fraying and make the laces easier to thread!
  • Waterproof and protect your important docs
    • Rub wax over the surface of recipe cards or other paper products to create a waterproof and spill proof surface.